Downhole Products GRIPPY Cable Clamp is a cable clamp designed to fit over the coupling to convey and secure cables and control lines in and out of well-bores quickly, safely and efficiently. This GRIPPY ST is a stainless-steel variation, that significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion and provides excellent long shelf life.


  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Each collar is designed with a four point friction pad gripping system engineered to meet API pipe spec so there is no over-gripping of the cable.
  • The deformation of the flat friction pads during installation prevents damage to the cable/bundle while resisting slipping and rotation.
  • Designed to provide positive protection of cable between coupling and casing, GRIPPY ST extends the life of the control line/cable.
  • Triple progressive indents are designed on both ends of the channel to grip cables more efficiently. The top indent is slightly less pronounced than the last providing uniform compression.
  • A swan neck design on the channel allows a smooth transition of cable over the coupling. The channel length aids in eliminating crimping of cable and damage sharp edges associated with the coupling.
  • Two heavy duty hinge pin flanges make contact with the tubular adding an additional contact point for optimum gripping and protection.
  • All hinge pin seams are welded to enhance overall integrity of the assembly. The hinge design allows for quick and easy installation.


  • Bespoke designs available for various cable configurations
  • Available in size ranges from 2-3/8” through 7”
  • Configured for both round and flat ESP cables, SSV’s, DHSV’s, chemical injection lines, smart well TEC’s (tubing encapsulated capillary) and fibre optics.

For specifications, application solutions, and GRIPPY ST availability, please contact your local Downhole Products representative.