Bow Spring Centralizers

A complete offering of bow spring centralizers to help get casing, liners, or screens to bottom with ease in demanding applications.

An engineered centralizer solution where annular clearance is greater than 1-1/4” for under reamed casing operations.

EXPAND-O-LIZER ESTD-T (Extreme Service Tear Drop – Taper) is the ultimate solution for under reamed casing applications.

An in-line centralizer sub for extreme clearance and under reamed applications where annular clearance is less than 1-1/4”.

EXPAND-O-LIZER BS (Bow Spring) designs are hinged non-welded centralizers for use in less demanding well bore applications where rotation is not a requirement.

SS (Standard Service) is a one piece semi rigid centralizer manufactured from spring steel to allow for flexing when passing through gauged hole applications.

EXPAND-O-LIZER ASLO is a unique design and a premium addition to Downhole Products EXPAND-O-LIZER centralizer family, providing robust, competent and consistent product performance.