The PILOT GUIDE SHOE is a slick body, aluminum nosed guide shoe to aid with the running of any casing, liner, and screen applications. Run in conjunction with EZI-Drill® LOCK-ROTATE-LOCK (LRL), a self-aligning eccentric lockable guide nose, engineered to freely orientate passed wellbore obstructions without mechanical intervention. When in its 'locked' postion, the nose cannot spin and allows for efficient, trouble-free drillout.


  • LOCK-ROTATE-LOCK (LRL) self-aligning nose
  • Wellbore seeking eccentric guide nose negotiates troublesome formations
  • EZI-Drill® nose design to aid drillout without compromising nose strength
  • Fully locked during drillout
  • Flow ports offering 360° flow area
  • Slick body design helps reduce ECD
  • Integral float valve - Spec API RP 10F Cat IIIC


  • Standard 5,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI valves
  • Single and double valve options
  • Aluminum or composite nose options
  • All API and premium connections available
  • All material casing grades available

For specifications, application solutions, and LOCK-ROTATE-LOCK PILOT GUIDE SHOE availability, please contact your local Downhole Products representative.