The TERMINATOR sacrificial deployment motor is a cost effective downhole motor, designed to aid deployment of final string completion in potentially problematic applications by pumping, without the need to rotate the full string from surface.  The motor is designed to be non-serviceable, single use and run on the end of casing string with a casing shoe / drill bit on the end to ream past wellbore issues.  It is not drillable, hence the reason it is for final string only.

The motor will typically be supplied with drill pipe connections and can be assembled on the end of the casing string with crossovers.  The motor assembly should include a rupture disc sub with defined pressure rating to provide circulation should the motor plug.  Power, performance and geometry is the same as standard downhole drilling motors.


  • Fully bespoke and customizable
  • Non-drillable... final string only
  • Non-serviceable
  • Cost effective
  • API connections
  • Simple, effective addition to the casing string
  • up to 100 hours use
  • Equal power to standard motors
  • No increase in OD versus standard motors


For specifications, application solutions, and TERMINATOR availability, please contact your local Downhole Products representative.

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