Stop Collars

DHP can supply a range of stop collar options to suit any centralizer application. All collars are tested in accordance with API 10D II recommendations.

Designed to be run in conjunction with the SPIR-O-LIZER® products, the collar is fitted with high holding force knurled tip stainless steel set screws.

HEAVY DUTY STEEL COLLAR to be run with EXPAND-O-LIZER® SS centralizers. This collar offers more holding force for increased holding power in demanding applications.

A cost effective choice for less demanding applications where high loading of the collar is not envisioned.

HINGED COLLARS are provided in three options for those applications where a slide on collar is not practical. The options are a spiral nail, bolted, or set screw lock system.

A high holding force 360° gripping collar design which can be used as a conventional stop collar on casing and liner applications.