CASEBIT is used on casing strings to drill and/or set casing in one trip to T.D. eliminating additional trips and ensuring uninhibited delivery and positioning of the casing string every time. This product combines industry recognized PDC drill bit technologies, force balancing, cutting structure wear modeling, and computational fluid analysis with flexible manufacturing technology.


  • Assymetric raised blades, blind holes, and other disconformities to accelerate during drillout and improve breakup
  • Pressure controlled rupture port allows for continuous flow of drilling fluids or cement in the event of nozzle/port plugging.
  • Wide-open hydralulics approach limits body erosion, accommodates wide range of flow rates, and eliminates need for specialty nozzles.
  • Cutting structure optimized using proprietary SDN™ software
  • Drillable alloy with PDC drill bit
  • Full thru-bore after drillout
  • Flow ports offering 360° flow area


  • Material choice driven by erosion concerns and finished diameter of product
  • Fully flexible design available with varying blade count, tool OD, casing weights, and premium connections
  • All API and premium connections available
  • All material casing grades available

For specifications, application solutions, and CASEBIT availability, please contact your local Downhole Products representative.

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