Solid Body Centralizers

A complete offering of solid body centralizers to help get casing, liners, or screens to bottom with ease in demanding applications.

A die cast zinc alloy solid blade centralizer designed to aid casing running by reducing drag and allow low torque casing rotation for good cementing.

Ultimate friction reducing Spir-O-Lizer with Teflon™ blade inserts and Teflon bearings in the tool bore.

Designed for gravel packing operations using the same zinc alloy construction as Spir-O-Lizer.

Heavy duty one piece cast steel centralizer offering a reliable solution where cost is a concern.

A pressed steel spiral blade centralizer specifically designed for less than demanding applications where positive standoff is required but torque and drag are not critical.

Designed for large bore casing inside the riser where conventional rigid and bow spring centralizers are not up to the task.