Category Product Name Patent Number(s)
Reamer and Guide Shoes Pen-O-Trator® EP0995008 (Val: FR,NL,DE,DK,IT,GB), EP1632639 (Val: NL,DE,IT,DK,GB), GB2333542, GB2339227, AU2010205505, CA2748938, EP2417326 (Val: FR,DK,NO,IT,DE,IE,GB,NL), US8657036
Centralizers BladeRunner® LD EP1248895 (Val: FR,NL,IE,DK,DE,IT,GB), US6830102, GB2358418
  BladeRunner® LT EP1838947 (Val: FR,IT,DE,DK,IE,GB,NL), US7694733, NO332867
  BladeRunner® EP1248895 (Val: FR,NL,IE,DK,DE,IT,GB), US6830102, GB2358418
  CCT EP1554461 (Val: GB), US7743829, NO334086
  DEPS GB2412393, GB2427225
  Expand-O-Lizer® ES AU2012206440, USD662952, CN103299022, US9470047 , CAID146813, CAID141991
  Expand-O-Lizer® ESTD GB2524311
  Slotted Expandable Centralizer EP1495209 (Val: IE,DK,DE,NL,ES,GB,FR,IT), US7096939
  Spir-O-Lizer® with Ski/Flow Blade GB2525001
  Spir-O-Mizer® CA2402342, GB2360535, US6845816